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How much will it cost?

Please complete a booking quotation or call Michael on 0413-263419. Costs vary based on location, start/finish times, number of people in the band etc – however the band DOES NOT compromise on quality and recommend the full 6 piece band with 3×45 or 2×65 minute sets for maximum impact. However the band can reduce price by reducing the size of the band to a soloist/duo/trio and the size of the PA/Production and Lighting to meet stricter budgets.

Do I need to select Songs?
No – though you can from our setlist. However we suggest if there are any songs you dislike or definitely want played; then let us know. However the band knows what works and puts together a rough setlist based on demographics etc. However it gauges what the audience likes and plays what keeps the dance floor alive! Look at our setlist to get an idea of current songs. We do special requests and can learn a bridal waltz – however this is usually one song maximum as there is an enormous amount of work to ensure songs are perfect for functions and then usually the song is never played again.

Do We Need to Feed and Provide Drinks for the Band?
Yes – A rider refers to the meal requirements for the band/performers. 99% of Planet Groove performance are over 6 hours and that is only the actual time at the venue; loading in and out is additional time/effort. Performers contracted over 3 hours require hot meals and non-alcoholic refreshments to be provided at the clients cost. For performance times less than 3 hours, refreshments are required only. Treat the band like adults and you are guaranteed the best results.

How much room does the band require?
Ideally 6×4 metres though we can squeeze into tighter spots – we also request a floor plan to scale outlining where the band will be set up. The venue can organise this.
What happens if I am getting married at the same venue as the reception?
Sometimes you may require the band to set up before a ceremony that is taking place at the same venue. In these cases we need to discuss these requests with Planet Groove management prior to your show – however this is quite common. In some cases this may incur an extra fee.

What time do the band need access to the room/venue?
Bands arrive up to 2-3 hours ( if they need to provide production/lighting – 90 minutes if not) prior to their contracted call out times. Earlier load in times may incur an extra fee and need approval prior to booking. Planet Groovet will liaise with your venue prior to your function date to co-ordinate load-in and sound check times.

Can the Band MC for me?
Yes Planet Groove perform MC duties for an extra fee.

However, most prefer to focus on a great musical performance. At Planet Groove we highly recommend a family member or a friend should perform duties rather than a band member where possible. This adds a familiar touch to the function; your family and friends will relate better them and they have more personal stories and anecdotes to share through out the night. Besides knowing how to pronounce you names correctly (!) you will find most family member and friends will be honoured to perform the role for you.

Can we use the bands microphones for speeches?
Yes. Planet Groove allows use of their microphone for speeches as well as their PA system to play CD/ipod music during breaks in entertainment hence a DJ is not required. It is best to advise us prior to your function if you require use of their PA/Microphone.

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Are travel Expenses included in the cost?
Yes – However if the venue is > 2.0 hours outside of Sydney CBD – Accomodation may need to be provided. This can be discussed with the band. Please complete a booking quotation or Call Michael on 0413-263419 to ascertain.

How do we know the band is as good as the marketing suggests?
Let us have you speak to some of our testimonials or booking agents. Listen to some of the Audio or Live Video. The band has been together since 2002 and played over 1000 shows – all over Australia at the largest hotels/function centres and for some of the largest events ( Melbourne Cup, Audi Race Week, Fortune 100 ASX listed Companies Sales conferences and Christmas Parties etc). Alternatively we can try to get you into one of our private functions ( please contact us – or call Michael 0413-263419) – note many of these are weddings and private functions whereby brides usually don’t take kindly to people they have never met “coming to watch the band” – though we will try and always ask – at worst you can “loiter” around the fringes and watch/listen to the band!

How can I ensure we get Planet Groove for our function?
Call immediately 0413-263419 to see if we are available. If we are then – complete the booking form and fax or scan email it back into our office and this LOCKS the date away from other parties.
Will it be the same musicians I have seen and heard who perform at the wedding?

It may sound an odd question, but it’s very common for couples to hire a band based on a performance or video they have seen, and then for completely different people to turn up at the wedding. However Planet Groove are a band of 6 performers who have been together in its current 2018 incarnation for 4 years and each musician is contracted to the band on a full-time basis. What you have seen or heard on our website are the 6 musicians you will have at your function.

How many musicians will be in the band that performs at the wedding?

Imagine your disappointment if the demo you heard or the performance you saw featured six musicians, but on the day you only have three. Alternatively, if you are only expecting a band of four, eight musicians will come as a shock both financially and spatially. Planet Groove will only reduce the size of the band if strictly requested by our clients – as our reputation is based on quality performances. We recommend the full complement of 6 musicians to showcase the spectacular show – hence unless trictly requested all engagements will provide 6 Musicians and 1 Production manager to ensure the highest quality of professionalism and performance.
Will you learn a song for our first dance?

If you have your heart set on ‘your song’, make sure you provide the MP3 or CD of the exact song 6 weeks prior to your event for Planet Groove to learn it.
What happens during breaks?

Planet Groove will provide music during the whole ceremony and band breaks so no DJ is required!

What will the band members wear?

Our usual attire is black tie/Cocktail and we find works at almost any venue/event however we are happy to dress to suit each theme or attire as required.
The Planet Groove management team are cognicent of the fact that couples put a lot of effort into your wedding themes and decorations, and we are always happy to ensure we are alligned with what attire is required – formal, semiformal, cocktail, smart casual or even a themed night!

Does the Band Have Public Liability Insurance?
Yes – This is something you should ASK all prospective bands – With a public event like a weddings or private parties, anything can happen, but you can rest assured knowing that Planet Groove is covered by a 3rd Party comprehensive public liability insurance – for $AUD10M. If requested we would be happy to send a copy of the certificate of currency or you can download from the contact page.

Can I, or one of my guests, sing a song with the band?
The band is welcoming of guest singers (as long as they aren’t too drunk)! Please be aware, however, that the band does not rehearse “guest” singers.

What about playing an instrument with the band, for example, guitar?
You are welcome to join the band, but you would need to bring your own instrument.

Why Hire Planet Groove Vs a DJ?
An all live Party Cover band is a great way to kickstart a party, engage the audience, and get away from the dullness of a stereo or a DJ, speeches and perhaps throw inhibition to the wind. How many parties have you been to and it really falls flat when the iPod or DJ starts…We have also started the following thread on the Pros and Cons of Live Band Vs DJ

Here are a few steps you can take to ensure your night runs smoothly.

– Know the style and Genre that predominantly “most of the guests” want to hear. Just because you like Metallica – I would suggest most of the older demographic wont and guarantee no one will dance to that style of music.

  • Also point out to the band what songs you dont want to hear.
  • Check for noise restrictions with the venue
  • The size of the room/Number of guests: This is important, as it will help the band to determine the sound system they will require for the gig.
  • Usually the band will requires a change room and also where they can have their meals for a > 3 hr engagement

Please complete the form or phone Michael on 0413-263419:

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