What should we do for a first Dance?

You may have been dreaming about your first dance as a married couple; floating elegantly around the dance floor in the strong arms of your new husband while your loved ones watch adoringly. However, if the day is fast approaching and the two of you possess all the dancing skills of a baby elephant, your dancing dreams might be turning into a nightmare.

Do we need to do a first dance?
Planet Groove Wedding Entertainment First Dance As with every aspect of your wedding apart from the official ceremony, the first dance is not compulsory. In fact you can have an entirely dance free wedding if you like, but you may be left with a lot of disappointed guests. People look forward to the first dance as a highpoint of the wedding and it is a great way to be sure you will spend at least a few minutes with your new husband at your reception.

If you really don’t want to do a formal dance, you could just sway in each others arms to your favourite song for a minute, and then encourage other couples to join in. If you avoid dancing at your wedding altogether you might be disappointing key members of the bridal party. Your father will probably be hoping for a father-daughter dance, and your fiancée’s mother will undoubtedly want to dance with her son.

Should we take dance lessons?

With a resurgence in the popularity of ballroom dancing, more couple than ever are choosing to take dance lessons prior to their wedding, to make sure their first dance is a joy instead of a burden. There are many dance schools that specialize in pre-wedding lessons, and often provide packages designed to get you in shape for your first dance.

If you have a particular song in mind for your first dance, a professional dance school will be able to give you ideas for the best type of dance to complement it. They can suggest steps that naturally relate to the tempo and style of your track. They will also be honest enough to tell you if ‘your song’ really doesn’t have enough of a beat for a first dance, and perhaps should be played at another moment in the wedding instead.

Perhaps you would rather choose your dance type first, and then work with a dance school to find the right music to accompany it. Be a little adventurous with your dance, you don’t have to stick to a traditional waltz, you could try a tango, foxtrot or American Smooth. Just consider any elderly relatives if you are planning a full on raunchy rumba! A dance school can simply teach you one type of dance that works with your first song, or can choreograph a whole dance routine for you to wow your guests.

A wedding is a rare chance to hit the dance floor, both for you and your guests, so you shouldn’t overlook the importance of your first dance. Even if you have never danced before a few lessons should equip you to perform a simple routine that suits your music choice, your personal style and tastes, and your dancing capabilities. Working with a professional dance school will give you the confidence to enjoy your first dance with your new husband without worrying about tripping up or standing on his toes.