Dont be fooled by DJ's, pub bands or generic cover bands - Planet Groove can handle all of your wedding entertainment and theme nights, learning a special song or arranging our sets with songs you choose. Whether playing stings as the bridal party enter or your bridal waltz LIVE - nothing compares to the entertainment and audience engagement of a professional Wedding Party Band!

Planet Groove Service all of NSW and are happy to travel to most destinations taking into account some places would require accomodation provided overnight.

Having the right music at your wedding  reception is essential to setting the mood, and making sure people have fun. How many weddings have you been to where once the DJ starts people then "switch off"

For the most important night of your life - a full live 6 piece band will make the night UNFORGETTABLE for both the bride and groom as well as all your guests whom have travelled far and wide to be there. If you look at the relative costs of a Live band ( compared to a photographer or Videographer or even a duo/trio) - Especially a Full Six Piece Band as opposed to a soloist/duo etal - then comparatively the costs are very acceptable (which is subjective of course) - and for the most important night of your life - spending a few hundreds dollars more has a huge return on investment!

Remember at a wedding or a function - people remember 3 things:

1. The entertainment ( no one EVER  the next day goes - WHOA that DJ was great last night - how he went from one song to another on his iPOd!)

2. The Speeches

3. The food!  ( in this Order)

Why a Live Band over a DJ?
* There truly is nothing like live music, which can energise the crowd, and get people more excited for dancing and having FUN regardless of age...Listening to a CD or listening to a Live, engaged band is a powerful experience and can even the most leadfooted, two left feet, unco-ordinated Men jump up and cut the rug. We have seen it many times - a live conga line, brides singing backups or lead with the band, Groomsmen doing the busstop and other weird "moves" - all in the name of good clean fun!

* ie....The WOW factor - This is what the whole Band vs DJ debate really drills down to. four, five, or six  more live musicians performing on stage are going to have a more exciting, interesting, and dynamic impact than a DJ spinning CDs. You can feel the emotion of the vocalists and musicians, you can see it in his or her face, you can hear it in their voices or instruments. A live band will make people  take notice - even people that dont dance we find stay and listen and watch the band/musicians etal - this doesnt happen with a DJ changing CD's or playlists on an iPod. I say this in a good way of course. The good bands know that the bride and groom are the focus of attention, and know that it's their job to help facilitate a great party. They're able to read and interact with the crowd as well as any DJ to see what music is being well received and what might not be. However, it's the "wow factor" of having dynamic, interactive, live musicians that is instrumental (no pun intended) in making for a truly memorable party! 

* Musicians can change the tempo of songs, mash up different songs, extend songs so as to accommodate some fancy dance moves or a tired fiancé.

* A specific type of band can truly complete a wedding theme. (For example, a 1930s-themed wedding and a swing band, an Irish wedding and a Celtic band, or fairytale wedding with an orchestra)
* Beware of the bored DJ or worse, the one on autopilot. Because many wedding DJs have their routines down pat, they can get bored. This might mean that they make terrible jokes or try to ham it up between songs. Or, it might mean they are doing everything automatically. We've seen an autopilot DJ play songs from the "do not play list", ask for the bride's father to make a toast even though he wasn't there, and announce a couple as Mr. and Mrs. Hisfirstname Hislastname even though the bride didn't change her name and they specifically asked to be announced in a different way!

* Variety - Lots of Brides and grooms skimp on the cost and think for the most important night of their life a DJ is acceptable - however if you compare the costs to a professional photograher, videographer - you realise that the band is comparitively inexpensive ( also considering most weddings the band needs to be there 2 hours prior and 2 hours after packing and unpacking) Planet Groove can cover styles ranging from jazz to big band era through to 60's, 70's, 80's up to todays modern hits (if applciable). Indeed, if you have TOO much variety there is no sense of direction to the music, no continuity. Remember that there is a big difference in "variety" (meaning the styles of music played), and "quantity", (that is, the sheer number of songs available in the repertoire). DJs obviously have a big edge on quantity, but not necessarily variety... 

* Ensure the band is versatile to meet the wide demographics of a wedding - hence the band ( Like Planet Groove) must be able to switch genres or styles where convenient and APT!  Otherwise you might find yourself with one that is either too classical, too jazzy, or just plain too wedding-band-like!

*  The mark of a good party, at least from a musical point of view, is to keep the dance floor busy. If you are playing such a variety that you're going from a classic rock song to a polka to a rap/hip-hop tune,  you're going to have a dance floor with only one or two people on it at any given time,Planet Groove focus on what genre and style keeps the dance floor busy, they get in and dance with the audience, engage the audience ( if they only want to!)and prompt spontanaity.

* Bands Are Too Expensive...? Relative to What - the photographer or a DJ?A friend of ours is a DJ that does weddings. A typical Saturday rate for him runs over $700! One guy!!!  Let's take a look at this. What does he do to prepare his music he downloads mp3 that are played through an ipod on a set of speakers!If budget is paramount, then yes, a DJ is probably a good place to cut some costs - However remember that there is a LOT of time after the speeches that can "make or break" a boring wedding to a party for all demographics! . However, remember that it is the personality of your entertainer(s) that is equally important. People are not engaged or enthralled with a DJ pressing play - they are more animated when guys/girls are shaking it on stage and engaging with the audience.

* Don't cut the budget on such an important aspect as entertainment -  after all the speeches - how much of the night is left...? Say from 8.30 - midnight with - thats a long time if people are bored! Also you dont want to end up with  up with a guy that knows nothing of weddings, hasnt a "personality",can't dress appropriately, and tells off-color jokes right before the first dance etc etc.  Remember to be in a party band or even covers band you need charisma ,personaility and be generally gregarious - as a live audience is a harsh judge - and you cant be in this business for over 15 years if you cant engage an audience! You should also remember that musicians love to perform. (Well...the good ones anyway) The vast majority of musicians are not in this business strictly for the money - though they need to cover costs!

 *  Yes, it's true that Frank Sinatra sounds exactly like himself when you play a CD.  Unfortunately, the majority of "Ole Blue Eyes'" recordings were made back in the late 50s and early 60s. In case you haven't checked, that was a half century ago. Believe it or not, technology has improved a bit since then.*Wouldn't it be nice to have Ole Blue Eyes sound like he was there - OK its not Frank but still, the difference in the sound quality makes some of Sinatra's classics sound new again, whereas a CD of one of his songs recorded 50 years ago SOUNDS LIKE IT'S 50 YEARS OLD! When a DJ is mixing a variety of songs, from the 50s to today, believe me, you WILL hear  and you WILL notice these differences.

* Professional live bands like Planet Groove maintain a consistent sound throughout their performances, so young and old alike can hear their music the way it was originally performed, yet with all the excitement and clarity that one expects of today's modern sound systems.

* Many of today's songs contain some objectionable lyrics in what might be an otherwise acceptable song.  A live band has the opportunity to "clean up" a song without having to resort to the old "bleep" sound. Wouldn't it be nice to hear your favorite songs yet not worry about grandma being offended?
Live bands can change a word, a phrase, or skip or rewrite a whole verse if that's what's needed - whilst also extending it and perhaps mashing different songs together in a medley!
* It is also possible to customise a song to fit the occasion. For example, for a bridal waltz we were recently requested to play  "Wonderful Tonight" by Eric Clapton, we often substitute the bride's name in the song, so we organised for the groom to say/sing "Oh Susan, you look wonderful tonight". There are dozens of songs that lend themselves to this treatment, allowing a live group to tailor the songs to the audience,  making it a more personalized, family affair.

* Our reception is in a small room, and a band won't be quiet enough - Now, don't get me wrong. There are a lot of bands that simply cannot play quietly enough for some rooms. However, with the right technology, high end equipment, a professional Sound Engineer and the right musicians, there is no reason why a Professional band can't play at a level that is perfectly acceptable to everyone.
Wedding Band - Cons
* For many, the cost of hiring a wedding band is prohibitive. At a cost ( for a professional high quality Wedding Party Band) of between $1500 and $5,000 (and up!), you'll want to know that you've found the most ideal group for your wedding...However this money has a significant return on investment.
There are a few things that people remember at a memorable wedding in the months after :
  1.  Great Band/Entertainment
  2.  Great or Terrible Speeches
  3.  Great or Terrible Food
For more information or questions you may have around your upcoming wedding entertainment please read our FAQ


Planet Groove do over 200 shows per year and are the most in demand Party Covers Band for Weddings Entertainment and Functions in NSW - read some of our testimonials, live wedding pictures,   audio and video to find out why!

Nb. there are hundreds of AVERAGE wedding bands out there . Planet Groove are the only Party Covers Band that can play Jazz/Laid back acoustic over dinner and then mix it up with disco, retro, funk, pop and rock after the formalities ALL PLAYED LIVE and catering for all demographics from 20-60's hence for the most important night of your life an easy decision...If you think about the cost of a photographer and or Videographer and take into account after Speeches a wedding can really slide downhill unless the entertainment is of the highest standard! Note we are not a pub band and DO NOT compromise on quality - "if you pay get monkeys"

Note our set-list changes to suit the occasion, we allow clients to choose songs in each set and we are happy to play special songs or sets to cater for the audience at hand. Whatever the event you can be assured Planet Groove will ensure all people leave extremely satisfied that they have had FUN and danced the night away.

You will find MANY CHEAPER bands in Sydney - But none of a higher quality and professionalism - to ensure your important event is a raging success. DO NOT compromise on quality with entertainment. When your booking is confirmed feel free to choose from our extensive Songlist the you want played at your event and even the order! We are also happy to learn SPECIAL REQUESTS! Alternatively Call Michael 0413-263419

* Example - AFTER - Planet Groove Wedding Hunter Valley 2010 - Same Function - PARTY TIME  ( 9.00 - midnight )

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